Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells....

Glitter Photos

Finally I saw "Breaking and Entering" from my beloved Anthony Minghella. This movie was criticizes a lot and I don't see why. This is certainly one of the most "beautiful" releases (in Belgium) of the year. In Turnhout I believe, if ever, it had came and had gone in a wink. With a superb Jude Law, a delicious Robin Wright Penn, and first rate performer Juliette Binoche -some evil minds might say overacting- , what could go wrong? Mix that with Minghella's proven excellent music taste (Gabriel Yared & Underworld!) and editing skills, an original story and excellent photography (Benoit Delhomme) and you're in for a good night out, with all the ingredients a movie needs. Mind you, this is a film for adults, kids would be bored to death.
But it's that kind of film that gives you just enough time to think, breathe and think again, afterwards, especially if you had a break-in yourself once, and what that can do a relationship.