Monday, November 3, 2008

Barack for President!

I admit it...I'm biased because he's a buddy! of mine on Flickr ;). But anything instead of a horrible repetition of a stage play we've seen before. Remember how Nixon came to power ? Just listen to that woman's voice! You feel the same anger, paranoia, pettiness as Dick had in his days. On top of this she has the intelligence of Reagan at his worst and that same stubbornness we all had to suffer from W!
Now look at this resemblance: already better no? Although Barack resembles more Bill Clinton astrologically (both are Leo) with Lyndon (Virgo) he shares an open inviting look with sharp traits, investigating eyes and a strong yet friendly chin.

I personally believe that Lyndon tried to be good president, but was really "rushed into it" and had to deal with issues he simply had to proceed. I hope that Barack will learn from this.
Hell, I just tell him myself!
(2B continued)