Saturday, December 8, 2007


Thank God for Flickr! What would we do without it on these dreary days before X-mas. You can wander of to more sunny places, get pictures from Joensuu, Finland to Tokio, Japan, compare and discuss pics with your contacts. All your favorite places a few clicks away. Do some research on your fellow citizens. I must admit, I'm addicted. I have tried many web 2 applications, but this still stands out as one of the best*. Real 21st century stuff, it makes you really feel global. Who would guess that an ap with such a name (actually Flikker is a derogative in Dutch, something like the English fag.) could have such a success. You should see acquaintances 's faces when I tell them "I 'm on Flickr!". Way to go Canada. I only regret that they have launched these pro-accounts, as I believe in a free Internet for all. But I guess the money has to come from somewhere and it's always better than advertisements. For those who haven't heard of it, congrats, you have a whole new world ready for you to open. For those who have, here's someone who has done something exceptional with it, musically:

Jonathan Coulton's Flickr movie

*So is Blogger, of course ;) Didn't know it was this easy. Anyone can do this. Though knowing a bit of html might help for a personalized template and customizing things.