Saturday, June 25, 2011

What's In It For ME?

There's a song I just love to hate: "What's In It For?" from Avi Buffalo. Now yesterday on national radio the program "Peeters & Pichal" had the great idea to phone up hotels in Greece and ask them what,- in return for the 1 billion € support from the EU- they would get extra for free:. a percentage, free mini bar, lunch, beach towel, drinks, paid TV... ??? I felt bitterly ashamed in their place, angry even because it (again) represented so well what this radio show actually stands for: "What's In It For ME?" and also felt this time I just had to post a reaction. Here it is:
Translation: "Typical for this program and the me generation. Crisis in Greece? What's In It For ME? Particularly embarrassing because it's all "virtual" (telephonic) and so fake. GO and take look at the real Greece and enjoy their hospitality, learn what "tzappa*" means and learn from their experience and solidarity. And then look back at your hostile, perverted contribution." 

Here you can re-listen to this most embarrassing section off the show. (in Dutch)
And I wasn't the only one who really hated this segment. (other reactions in Dutch)

* btw: Tzappa (τζάμπα) meens free, for nothing, gratis in Greek.

Although the female presenter Annemie Peeters (°1960) is not really part of the me generation she sure acts like one. Sven Pichal (°1979however is a perfect example. Both of them believe they do such important work, and while Peeters has a great radio voice, her tiny, irritating laughs always throughout an interview only show how big she feels about herself. On a few occasions there are some moments of emphatic behavior, however impossible to trace it  in cold fish  "pilchar" Pichal...Just look their pictures, they speak for themselves...
The charter they allegedly set up for better customer services provided by major telecom operators and public services shows their picture as the authorties in charge. As if they where the sole executers of this charter. They may have found this very funny, but I see this as sheer narcissism. See photo below; aren't that....

Dafodills (Narcissen in Dutch) in the background ?
Their tattoos: "Dragonfly, symbol of beauty and passion" & "I Love Annemie"