Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When your heroes start to die...

In Memoriam John Martyn (Sept 11, 1948 - Jan 29, 2009)

John Martyn, Folk and Jazz Guitarist, dies at (only) 60 years old.

John Martyn, a Scottish singer and guitarist whose gentle mix of folk and jazz and innovative use of electronic effects have influenced a broad range of musicians since the 1970s, died on January 29, 2009 in Kilkenny, Ireland . I heard the news, only today....2 months after he passed away...I really should start reading newspapers again.

"Well John, let's hope they have distortion pedals in Heaven. Give'm hell up there. We will be searching for the echoplex in the thunder. Thank you so much." (from: Big Muff)

One of the saddest pictures I ever saw of him

However, anyone who has seen this documentary on him*, was aware of the state the poor guy was in. I mean a burst pancreas, broken shoulder, one leg to be amputated and diabetes on top, after a life of heavy drinking and all the "partying" that rock stars do, not that much hope was left for him. "Nobody's fault but my one" he explaines jokingly in the film.

Although he's always and always will be near me in sound and mind , I'll miss the big fellow, but what worries me the most that all my heroes lately are dropping like pigeons one after the other, and that it always feels that a part of you is gone and nothing (really) comes back in return. Another step closer to death, to YOUR demise, even though you were not related in any way to them...Makes you wander and realize that every day is another day"given" to you and better enjoy it to the fullest.

*If you have a fast, steady internet connection this 60 minute time document is also on You Tube.