Monday, December 31, 2007

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cuisses de Grenouilles

Tonight I am making "Cuisses de Grenouilles" or Frog Legs, but somehow that sounds less appetizing. It's a family tradition. Instead of the old turkey, which left-overs stay in the fridge until you get sick just watching them, we serve frog legs, that without a doubt will vanish faster than the poor creatures can jump. I'm intrigued by their taste. It's not chicken nor fish, I guess it taste like...frog. Normally we serve them on New-Year's eve, it amazingly opens up your palette. This is due to the large amount of garlic of course, so everyone must eat them, or prepare themselves for a lousy evening. I will make 2 versions; the Classic one and a own Provençale version (in a a rich tomato sauce with green olives and herbs). Be not sparse with the butter, parsley and garlic, serve them with French bread or fine bread rolls, and you have a perfect opener. Tell your invites that the little cup with water and lemon inside, is NOT for drinking.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Share your music with the's my favorite singer-song writer: John Martyn, and what chooses as "music like him". Not always so, but hey, it's a very nice widget in your side bar. Load this radio in a pop-up and you listen to your favorite, mood-appropriate music all day long. And if you have a FM Transmitter you can "wire" it throughout the house on all radio's available.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells....

Glitter Photos

Finally I saw "Breaking and Entering" from my beloved Anthony Minghella. This movie was criticizes a lot and I don't see why. This is certainly one of the most "beautiful" releases (in Belgium) of the year. In Turnhout I believe, if ever, it had came and had gone in a wink. With a superb Jude Law, a delicious Robin Wright Penn, and first rate performer Juliette Binoche -some evil minds might say overacting- , what could go wrong? Mix that with Minghella's proven excellent music taste (Gabriel Yared & Underworld!) and editing skills, an original story and excellent photography (Benoit Delhomme) and you're in for a good night out, with all the ingredients a movie needs. Mind you, this is a film for adults, kids would be bored to death.
But it's that kind of film that gives you just enough time to think, breathe and think again, afterwards, especially if you had a break-in yourself once, and what that can do a relationship.

Monday, December 24, 2007


In for a real Christmas treat ? Buy Ratatouille with all the extra's! Or, if you're a little short in these expensive days simply go to your local video store and rent it. I was in one yesterday and just didn't know what to choose. Until suddenly a guy picked it up from the shelf (it was way down) and my choice was undoubtedly made. We smiled at each other. Two grown men that obviously had seen it already. Why? Because it's simply the best flick from 2007! I must confess it's is also the only one I saw this year in a public theater. Only ten of us (lucky ones) had the whole thing to ourselves. Still, it's really awkward to express your emotion then. We giggled but never out loud but felt privileged and honored by this premiere. I guess my friend from the video store was also there. I am a Pixar fan from the very first day. Not many people know this, but, if it wasn't for them, we would not have an iPod in our hands. Long story so, back to the movie. To be moved by the life of an entire rat colony is already an achievement, but it's also educational, insanely funny, and a roller coaster when it comes to suspense. Haven't seen it yet?...You Lucky You...You have more than two hours of excellent, hi-tech and still old fashioned entertainment in front of you. Have seen it...well, what are you waiting for.
Have seen it and didn't like it? Man, go see a shrink.

What color should your Blog be ?

according to blogthings my blog should be:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Powerfull software & great cartoons

All on aniboom
Create 2D Cartoons online using their free animation software
or animated gifs for profiles with aniBoom's webcam animation tool.
Communicate with the animation community or compete to win prizes.
Or just watch their incredible collection of cartoons like their:
Race for the White House.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yummy shoes

Freezing cold out there, no snow, but the roofs are already whitish. Better stay inside if you can , the goats in the park are so hungry they even consider shoes as yummy....
Photo by Linske from Turnhout (Click on pic to see her page)
Thanks to her I also found another real Web 2.0 application, called Imagekind. Here you can sell your 'Art' like pictures on Flickr.
Worth checking out...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Doe er Zelf iets aan...

Hohoho, niet zo vlug ! Ik wil meer informatie eerst...klik dan hier
ps. Mac users will have to wait a while for a release.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Good news for those who like the Dark...

Mac users have for some time now, their WriteRoom, a simple full-screen text editor with no distractions. WriteRoom is a place where your mind clears and your work gets done. The picture says it all. A simply great application that makes you work. I just came out of bed and started to make up a text in my mind for someone but by the time I had reached my normal text editor most of it had already gone...Too many bells in my head, and ...on my screen. So instead I started looking for a Windows version, and immediately I found not only one, but 2.
First there is Dark Room, a real clone:
"A full screen, distraction free, writing environment. Unlike standard word processors that focus on features, Dark Room is just about you and your text. The goal of the project is to capture the essence of WriteRoom, while keeping it simple and just as free." You will notice that it is not that slick as the mac version, but it does the work. Then there is JDarkRoom that is inspired on Dark Room but uses Java instead of Microsoft .NET framework. I've found it to be a bit slower in starting up and more archaic in design. The first seems to have more options and a right-click menu while JDark uses only keyboard commands. It's all a matter of taste, really. But I am happy that I have them. It's another reason that you really don't need a mac. As a PC-slave you just have to look further and work harder.

Watch Seinfeld's Bee Computer....Neat!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

iPhone Wallpaper

Saturday night and all I can show is my renewed desktop resembling the iPhone. I'm turning into a geek. even got pizza's in the oven and a typical fluked American comedy on hold. Well, it's cold out there...

I could go to the "National Comic Strip festival" which is held every year in my hometown, but I'm not that kind of geek and the cartoon here describes best what I feel about the whole event. Nothing personal folks, live and let die, I believe, but give me the fresh air of a real balloon, instead of stinky gatherings of (strangely enough) mostly male strip-addicts. This one comes from the "house-cartoonist" of our local online newspaper Gvt (see link above), a guy called Gie, who I believe doesn't make much out of this, but we also have (luxury Europe) a "City-cartoonist" who makes some 4.250 € a year. One can discuss
on whether that's worth some 12 drawings or so, but in my modest opinion here's again an example on how we live in a world, were (some of us) don't know where we should spend all our extra money on. A "City cartoonist" for a city like T. (40.000 inhabitants see Wiki for more info) There's a word for that...starts with an M. But hell, it's too cold out there...Oops Gie, didn't ask for your permission here, will you forgive me?, anyways, that makes us even on that matter.

Friday, December 14, 2007


I really wanted this 2B my header, but I just cannot paste it into my template...Help...Anyone ?

Great Flash Movies, Humping Dogs & Death...

It's a pity I (like the other part of the world population) cannot read Chinese* because one can find real fun stuff on their sites:

Also if you're that lucky to have an extra USB-port free (very unlike the other part of the world population*) and don't know what to do with it, here's one option:

* for exact figures check out SAINT-IGNATIUS (for the languages, not the dogs!)
If you CAN read Chinese here's were I have found the goodies. Thanks Yam !?! By the way...Want to buy one ? They're SOLD OUT !

Want to know the exact time and day of your Death ?
Here you can:

Caution ! Enter at the risk of getting depressed

Thursday, December 13, 2007

under construction

Blog has been interrupted due to a limited Internet connection.
Working on it...Yoehoe...FON is back so we can go on...I cannot get my blog on the Belgian map. The reason I guess is that Blogger doesn't allow it. Or am I doing something wrong...Well what the heck, at least you can see the others, and you are already on mine now.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Blogs in B.

Thanks to Luc Van Braekel, who also has a
remarkable page in English on Belgium.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Thank God for Flickr! What would we do without it on these dreary days before X-mas. You can wander of to more sunny places, get pictures from Joensuu, Finland to Tokio, Japan, compare and discuss pics with your contacts. All your favorite places a few clicks away. Do some research on your fellow citizens. I must admit, I'm addicted. I have tried many web 2 applications, but this still stands out as one of the best*. Real 21st century stuff, it makes you really feel global. Who would guess that an ap with such a name (actually Flikker is a derogative in Dutch, something like the English fag.) could have such a success. You should see acquaintances 's faces when I tell them "I 'm on Flickr!". Way to go Canada. I only regret that they have launched these pro-accounts, as I believe in a free Internet for all. But I guess the money has to come from somewhere and it's always better than advertisements. For those who haven't heard of it, congrats, you have a whole new world ready for you to open. For those who have, here's someone who has done something exceptional with it, musically:

Jonathan Coulton's Flickr movie

*So is Blogger, of course ;) Didn't know it was this easy. Anyone can do this. Though knowing a bit of html might help for a personalized template and customizing things.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Niks in mijn laarsjes, zeiknat ja, want door gebrek aan schouw buiten laten staan. Er sprong zelfs een kikker uit, dus toch wat verrast. De hele dag is trouwens toch weg geregend, jammer voor de kids. Ik heb ooit eens in een zeer vrijgevige bui zo'n mooi zingende bende eerst op wat snoep getrakteerd en ze daarna vijf euro toegestopt. Die gezichtjes waren het waard. Om eerlijk te blijven heb ik op andere gelegenheden ook wel 's 'niemand thuis' gespeeld.En dat van die kikker is natuurlijk ook niet waar en geloof toch niet dat ik mijn nieuwe boots buiten ga zetten zeker. Maar het blijft jammer dat Klaas dit jaar weeral niet is langs geweest.

Ondertussen laten we Klaas en alle andere heiligen prijzen van wat we hier in T bespaard zijn gebleven met name :
STUDIO 100 & kompanen

merkwaardig serendipistich (!) filmpje van snespower

Voor de liefhebbers: YouTube zit tjokvol met Samson persiflages. De een al wat minder perfide dan de andere. Zoek maar eens op Samson & Fred.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"If God dies, at least we'll still have St. Nicholas." (Russian saying)

Sommige mensen maken resoluties met Nieuwjaar.
Wel ik doe dit steeds voor het nieuwe jaar. Ik start een blog vandaag, 5 december 2007, de dag voor Klaas. Niet vergeten schoentje buiten te zetten, je weet maar nooit.
Mijn SK-mythe (oppassen voor de kleintjes) werd doorbroken toen ik ontdekte dat Klaas dezelfde bril droeg als mijn "nonkelugo".
Toen ik dat liet merken, bewoog zijn belachelijk watten baard en schoten alle volwassenen in één -duivels- lachsalvo. In tegenstelling met Toon Hermans had mijn klaas wel een prachtige outfit. Het is dan ook in de familie gebleven. Niko-Laos, overwinnaar van het volk, een schitterend feest, helaas niet meer in zijn oorspronkelijke vorm. Op Teleacs Hoe?Zo! (747 AM) is er een zeer interessante uitzending over dit fenomeen. Historicus Frits Booy geeft antwoorden op vragen zoals:
Waarom zetten we eigenlijk onze schoen? Waar komt Zwarte Piet vandaan? En waarom wordt er met snoepgoed gestrooid?