Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cuisses de Grenouilles

Tonight I am making "Cuisses de Grenouilles" or Frog Legs, but somehow that sounds less appetizing. It's a family tradition. Instead of the old turkey, which left-overs stay in the fridge until you get sick just watching them, we serve frog legs, that without a doubt will vanish faster than the poor creatures can jump. I'm intrigued by their taste. It's not chicken nor fish, I guess it taste like...frog. Normally we serve them on New-Year's eve, it amazingly opens up your palette. This is due to the large amount of garlic of course, so everyone must eat them, or prepare themselves for a lousy evening. I will make 2 versions; the Classic one and a own Proven├žale version (in a a rich tomato sauce with green olives and herbs). Be not sparse with the butter, parsley and garlic, serve them with French bread or fine bread rolls, and you have a perfect opener. Tell your invites that the little cup with water and lemon inside, is NOT for drinking.