Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fast in all ways !

She's fast and easy. Much has been sacrificed to the avid IE user as far as looks are concerned and I do not see immediately any skins to personalise, nor other add-ons that I like so much in Firefox. For instance the on-the-fly easy spelling option switch. But I've opened several 'difficult' pages in a wink and that is what a browser is supposed to do, right? No hassle with plug-ins needed, just open that baby. Let's hope soon some kind of add-ons will appear, because while surfing has improved a lot, some of the interaction has diminished. Untill then my Firefox will stay open, but I'm pretty sure that most ordinary Web 1.0 IE users will find the transition easy and go for Google's Chrome. Another blow for MS ?
some notes:
-Downloading however seems to be slow and a bit complicated again for safety reasons ?
-Perhaps not a good idea to keep Firefox open next to Chrome ?
-Some functions in Blogger do not work (i.e. resizing images,  spelling...)
-Amazing however how smooth synchronising with Firefox went. (even the bookmark bar)
-Did not use the Porn-button yet but then again my conscience is clear (I use IE for it!)
-Needles to say that integration with other Google apps works great. (Gmail, Gmaps)