Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rémy’s Secret Ratatouille Recipe!

Orginal recipe can be found here (in Duch but with step-by-step pictures).
I've translated/adapted the introduction and ingredients (with Google Translate)

"I think everyone or almost everyone has seen the great Pixar movie "Ratatouille" on a rat who dreamed of becoming a cook. After I've seen this movie I wanted to make the Ratatouille Remy had made. I had looked everywhere but found nothing until I suddenly stumbled on an American site and finally found the real thing. I've made ​​a few adjustments and you now can steal my recipe for Ratatouille: "

Ingredients for 4-5 persons:


* 350 gr peppers ( & yellow)
* 350 g tomatoes
* 200 gr onions
* 2-3 minor sprigs of thyme
* salt
* Olive Oil


* 500 g zucchini
* 500 g eggplants
* 500 g tomatoes


* 5 tbsp oil
* 2-3 cloves of garlic
* seasoning to your taste
* salt
* pepper
* some balsamic vinegar

One note: Make sure your vegetables have the same size & thickness to make the recipe perfect. Count them as you slice them!  Here"s a perfect example (not mine) :

Bon Appetit!