Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Music Pal

Always wanted this gadget: more than 10.000 radio stations in one handsome black box:
The Freecom Musicpal.
Since the weather is horrible here nowadays and I wasn't ready to take a trip somewhere (yet), I can now go and listen to sunny places like Greece (of course), Costa Rica (great jazz there), The Bahamas, Ghana, speed up my Chinese in Shangai, or just lie on a beach in Japan. If (can you?) ever get bored stream up your music with one touch from your computer to this little wonder. With this you don't want another radio anymore. It's a your longlife Pal. I was very worried when it took a heavy fall when I tripped over it's only power cable, but my pal stayed intact. Set up is remarkably easy and while you are listening you get the RSS you want hovering over the classy display.
Highly Recommended *****