Monday, July 4, 2011

Werchter 2011, nothing new under the sun?

Is it me but like Pinkpop 2011, I wasn't much impressed with RW this year. This supports the idea that this generation of festival-goers is traditional, conservative and o so obedient, or me just getting old...
Now, I have become a couch potato when it comes to festivals (hate huge crowds) so I can only rely on what I've seen and heard. But first the good news: Selah Sue (photo) was excellent, this little lady is only getting better and better! Another revelation for me be it also kinda traditional, mimetic even: Rival Sons Simple, heavy but sweet blues-rock, perfectly performed, great musicians.

But for the rest this has been one big déja vue...I am not gonna give you a complete list here, just see the line-up, but how many times can one get excited seeing the Kaiser Chiefs, The Chemical Bros, The National, Seasick! Steve to name a few...Often "new" bands were poor, especially when they came from the UK. Head-wanker of this lot, Lame Liam Gallagher brought us such classic rock that if you would listen only to the band, you would swear Chuck Berry was on stage! But most of the bands (QOTSA, Coldplay, Kings of Lion, Robyn and friends...) just did what they were expected to, perfect clinic performances for their fans, and the crowds seemed to have a great time and each time followed like a big flock of sheep. I am happy for all of them but for me that's not what Rock is all about...But again -not to be misconstrued- I was only virtual there, there must have been really great moments but I guess I will stay away....An end of an era? Click here to open a photo gallery (GVA).