Saturday, December 15, 2007

iPhone Wallpaper

Saturday night and all I can show is my renewed desktop resembling the iPhone. I'm turning into a geek. even got pizza's in the oven and a typical fluked American comedy on hold. Well, it's cold out there...

I could go to the "National Comic Strip festival" which is held every year in my hometown, but I'm not that kind of geek and the cartoon here describes best what I feel about the whole event. Nothing personal folks, live and let die, I believe, but give me the fresh air of a real balloon, instead of stinky gatherings of (strangely enough) mostly male strip-addicts. This one comes from the "house-cartoonist" of our local online newspaper Gvt (see link above), a guy called Gie, who I believe doesn't make much out of this, but we also have (luxury Europe) a "City-cartoonist" who makes some 4.250 € a year. One can discuss
on whether that's worth some 12 drawings or so, but in my modest opinion here's again an example on how we live in a world, were (some of us) don't know where we should spend all our extra money on. A "City cartoonist" for a city like T. (40.000 inhabitants see Wiki for more info) There's a word for that...starts with an M. But hell, it's too cold out there...Oops Gie, didn't ask for your permission here, will you forgive me?, anyways, that makes us even on that matter.