Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to make a Pizza with Mushrooms, when...

You love'm but your table-partner simply hates them ???
For this recipe you need:
Pizza Dough: Make it yourself (lots of recipes on the net) here is an example. If you don't like the mess there are in the supermarket prepared ones refrigerated. Olive oil to spread around a baking form lightly, only if you want your pizza to stay somewhat soft. Extra tip: Spread also some sea salt at the bottom of that form.
Pizza Topping:
* Tomato sauce lightly seasoned with fried shallot, cardamom and cumin for a distinctive taste.
* Fresh Emmenthal cheese, shredded.
* Mushrooms, sliced, baked in olive oil, with some shallot, lots of garlic, black pepper and oregano. Season to your liking.
* Fresh basil leaves, artichoke hearts, good quality sliced ham & anchovies, fresh or canned.
* Black olives (try the best quality you can get, un-pit them if you must)
Let's start to work, the pictures should be self-explanatory...

Notice here that I use two basil leaves to mark the middle of the Pizza (that's it actually! ;)

Add the artichoke hearts and the olives, keeping the "markers" in mind.

Add the baked mushrooms ONLY at the bottom part of the pizza and "sprinkle" the sliced ham and anchovies as you wish.

And top it all generously with the cheese, notice that the two basil leaves still stick out.
Cook for 15-20 minutes (depending your oven) and on your dinner table simply slice it in the middle between your "hidden" little green markers. Your partner will not find one mushroom
while can crunch away the whole lot!
One last note: better put some garlic as well is the tomato sauce too so your partner wont notice your sharp garlic smell afterwards ! ;)