Friday, June 10, 2011

Atlas shrugged: Indignados Griegos!

Meanwhile in Greece...Here are some pictures from last demonstrations in Athens against the IMF and Greek government from my friend and great photographer John D. Carnessiotis. And as pictures speak louder than words, I will have a comment later....;)

Indignados Griegos 98

Indignados Griegos 97

Indignados Griegos 102

Indignados Griegos 95

Indignados Griegos 100
The whole set can be viewed here

Some time ago I saw on BBC the excellent documentary "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace", that really stirred my mind not only by the "egoistic" theories of Ayn Rand but by the doings of Alan Greenspan and his "partners in crime" as well as the role of the computer herein. Just watch this excellent piece of research and modern journalism to see how the IMF, bankers and politicians toy around with YOUR money, as they are doing now with the Greeks and soon with the Belgians. So far the latter having received only "recommendations" from the IMF. Recommendations that will bring austere measures also to this country (with still no governement after one year after elections) and setting our whole social security system at risk. Therefor I predict that after summer demonstrations like the above will also be seen (and heard?) the streets of... Brussels. 
And to end on an even more heavy note, Ayn Rand reminded me to one of my all-time vision on dead: "I will not die, it is the world that will end.", from an unknown ancient... Greek philosopher...